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The information contained in the AzizPedia article can be obtained from sites on the internet and other sources. Admin as a writer on this blog always tries to provide credible information. But, it would be nice if you as readers don't swallow it raw, be smart readers. Especially for controversial and sensitive articles. Even so, for review articles or opinions which are the opinion of the admin, please do not respond too much, everyone has their own opinion.

If there is information in one of the wrong articles, please contact the admin immediately so that the admin can correct it immediately.

Some of the pictures on ValidPedia are obtained from the internet, if any of you are the legal owner of the copyrights of the pictures on this blog and don't like the pictures being used on this blog, please contact the admin so that the admin can immediately delete the pictures if you are proven to be copyright owner.

November 18, 2022

Admin ValidPedia