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47 Unique and Interesting Facts about Twitter

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Twitter is a social network from the United States where users can interact with each other through messages or posts which are commonly called tweets. Registered users can make posts, like a tweet, or retweet a tweet, while users who are not registered can only read the posts. Users can access Twitter via the web, SMS, or the application for mobile phones. Initially, a tweet only allowed us to write 140 characters, but then it was increased to 280 characters in November 2017.

Meanwhile Twitter, Inc. which is the company that developed Twitter is currently headquartered in San Francisco, California with more than 25 branch offices worldwide and 4,600 employees as of September 2019. The company was founded on March 21, 2006 while Twitter itself was launched for the first time on July 15, 2006. Its founders are Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams, and Jack Dorsey who is now the CEO of Twitter, Inc.

Do you have a Twitter account? Surely most have it, this social media is already very popular, on a par with Facebook. Although for me personally I spend more time on Facebook than on Twitter.

This time we will discuss some unique info and facts about this social media.

Unique and Interesting Facts about Twitter

1. Twitter, Inc.'s gross revenue in 2018 it reached $3.04 billion.

2. The first 3 years of Twitter, Inc. not making a dime of profit.

3. Twitter is at number 36 as the most visited site in the world according to Alexa. (January 2020)

4. Twitter has 321 million active users worldwide. (February 2019)

5. Barack Obama's account (@BarackObama) is the most followed on Twitter with more than 112 million followers. Under Obama there are Katy Perry (@katyperry) and Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) who have more than 108 million followers. (January 2020)

6. YouTube (@YouTube) is the most-followed brand on Twitter, with over 72 million followers.

7. The most retweeted tweet is a tweet from Yusaku Maezawa (@yousuck2020) on January 5, 2019, the tweet has been retweeted more than 4.3 million times. The Japanese billionaire made a tweet and then promised to give 100 million yen randomly to 100 people who followed his account and retweeted the tweet. In early January 2020, he did the same thing, his tweet this time got 4.1 million retweets and became the number 2 most retweeted tweet under his tweets in 2019.

8. The oldest Twitter accounts are 14 accounts belonging to Twitter employees created on March 21, 2006. One of them is the @jack account which belongs to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. The @jack account was also the one who made the first tweet on Twitter.

9. There are 750 tweets in 1 second.

10. Originally Twitter's name was twttr, the name was inspired by the name Flickr and the 5-character American SMS short code.

11. Twitter was almost named Twitch or Jitter.

12. The beta version of Twitter was released to coincide with the birthday of one of its founders, Evan Williams.

13. Evan Williams is the co-founder of Blogger/Blogspot and Medium, two popular blogging services in the world.

14. Jack Dorsey has a professional masseuse license.

15. Twitter's first URL was which can still be accessed today even though you will be redirected directly to

16. The Tears of Joy emoji is the most used on Twitter. (September 2019)

17. The highest number of tweets so far is held by the @VENETHIS account with 37.8 million tweets, far ahead of its closest competitor which only has 7 million tweets. Even so, there was a lot of controversy because it seems like this account is choosing to go after quantity because of the many strange tweets.

18. Using data from 2015, 139 out of 167 or 83% of world leaders have a Twitter account.

19. Jason Scott's cat – @sockington is probably the most popular animal with 1.4 million followers.

20. You can only send 2,400 tweets per day. This number includes retweets.

21. You can only change the email address you use on your Twitter account four times in one hour.

22. The direct messages you can send in a day are 1,000.

23. The maximum limit for following a Twitter account in one day is 1,000 times. But if you have followed 5,000 accounts, there are special conditions that you must meet before you can follow other accounts.

24. An early version of the Twitter bird logo was created by Simon Oxley, a British graphic designer who sells his bird designs for $10-15 through the iStock website. Unfortunately, this logo has not been used since 2009 because an image from iStock is not allowed to be a company logo.

25. The official name of the bird that became the Twitter logo is Larry, which was inspired by the name of the NBA legend, Larry Bird.

26. Doug Bowman, former creative director of Twitter, stated that Larry's logo image was a reference to the Hummingbird, although the final result looks more like a Mountain Bluebird.

27. Where does Twitter get its revenue from? In general, there are 3 ways, namely Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, and Promoted Accounts.

28. Samsung once used Promoted Tweets to hijack iPhone product launch moments.

29. In his status, Evan William said that he bought the domain for $7,500.

30. Until recently, Twitter, Inc. has merged and acquired more than 50 companies. (September 2019)

31. The largest acquisition made by Twitter, Inc. was the $479 million purchase of TellApart.

32. The Verified Account service was launched after the former manager of St. Louis Cardinal, Tony Las Russa, complained to Twitter because of a user claiming to be him.

33. is the domain for Twitter's URL shortener service which is used to shorten all URLs on Twitter and cannot be used in general.

34. The first tweet from space was by TJ Creamer (@Astro_TJ) while he was on the ISS space station in 2010.

35. Account @sweden is given in rotation every day to random Swedish citizens. This is done to show the diversity of this country through the perspective of its citizens.

36. Twitter is blocked in China, North Korea, and Iran. However, in China there were 10 million Twitter users as of November 2016.

37. If you visit the domain (letter "t" only one) you will still enter the official Twitter site.

38. Despite competing on the same front, Twitter and Facebook each have official accounts on their rival's services.

39. @POTUS is the official Twitter account belonging to the President of the United States which will be given to every elected American president.

40. @FLOTUS is the official Twitter account belonging to the First Lady of the United States which will be given to every elected American president's wife.

41. Every time a new President is elected, tweets from the previous @POTUS and @FLOTUS accounts will be archived and transferred to the new account according to the president's order, such as former president Barack Obama's tweets which you can see on the @POTUS44 account.

42. Big Ben's famous clock in England has its own Twitter account, @big_ben_clock, which every hour will tweet the word Bong with the same number of times as it was at that time.

43. The @everyword account wrote all the words in English from 2007 to completion in 2014.

44. The @RealTimeWWII account tweets about events that occurred during the second world war in the order of the dates.

45. Only in Japan, Twitter surpass Facebook in popularity.

46. Be careful, studies suggest that Twitter can be addictive. Some even claim it is more difficult to quit Twitter than illegal drugs.

47. An article on the Gigaom website, "Silicon Valley's All Twttr", is believed to be the first article to make a review of Twttr. This happened after co-founder Noah Glass informed Om Malik, owner of Gigaom, about his team's creation.

Those were the unique and interesting facts about Twitter.

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