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The Mystery of the Legend of the Flying Dutchman Ghost Ship and The Captain Davy Jones

The Mystery of the Legend of the Flying Dutchman Ghost Ship and The Captain Davy Jones.jpg

You must be familiar with the names Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones if you have ever watched "Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men's Chest" and "Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End". In the two "Pirates Of The Caribbean" film series, the Flying Dutchman, which is a ghost ship, appears with its captain Davy Jones. In these two films Davy Jones is portrayed as a pirate who captains the ghost ship the Flying Dutchman. He was cursed not to be able to anchor on land and must sail the 7 seas forever until the end of time. His own appearance is described as a fishman, more precisely an octopus man.

Davy Jones in "Pirates of the Caribbean"

In the "SpongeBob SquarePants" animation, the Flying Dutchman is also present. However, in the animation Davy Jones is not the captain. A pirate who is also named the Flying Dutchman is the captain.

Flying Dutchman in "SpongeBob SquarePants"

Even though there are differences, one thing is certain, in both the movie "Pirates Of The Caribbean" and the animation "SpongeBob SquarePants" the Flying Dutchman ship is called a ghost ship. Did you know that the Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones is a legend that sailors actually believe in? Yes, the Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones are the most popular horror legends among world sailors. The Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones actually have their own legends. However, because there seemed to be a connection, the news emerged that Davy Jones was the captain of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship.

Both the Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones are just legends among sailors. So, even though many parties have claimed to have seen the appearance, but like other mythical legends, there is no real certainty whether or not the legend is.

Okay, let's talk about the ghost ship first. The Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship that can never land and must sail the 7 seas forever because of a curse. According to some sources, this legend originates from the Netherlands while others claim that it originated in England.

Actually, what is the story of the legend of the Flying Dutchman? This legendary story began when a Dutch sailor named Bernard Fokke sailed the ocean from the Netherlands to the island of Java with incredible speed. He is believed to ask for the help of the devil to reach this extraordinary speed. However, in the middle of his voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, the weather suddenly got worse and caused the ship to shake. A crew member also asked the voyage to be stopped. Unfortunately Captain Fokke ignored the advice of his crew and the captain instead said; "I swear I will not back down and will continue through the storm to reach my destination, or I and all my crew will be damned forever."

The captain's ship was unable to fight against the forces of nature and because of his oath he and his crew were cursed to become living bodies and sail in the 7 seas forever without being able to dock. That was the beginning of the very famous legend of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship.

Then what about the legend of the captain Davy Jones? I don't get much information about Davy Jones, but it is reported that he was first recorded in 1726. According to the beliefs of ancient sailors, Davy Jones was a pirate who drowned and his ship to the bottom of the sea. However, Davy Jones' spirit is believed to live on and become a symbol of the spirit of the sea. The lack of information about this legend makes people connect it with the legend of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship and call Davy Jones the captain of the ghost ship.

Many people claim to have seen Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman. One of them is the famous pirate with his The Adventure Galley ship, William Kidd. This pirate who is usually called Captain Kidd once destroyed a large port in the South of France to make the entire French army chase him. He is indeed one of the strongest pirates in the world, but he also experienced a crushing defeat that made The Adventure Galley ship badly damaged and 63 of his crew died. Who beat him? Yes, none other than Davy Jones with his ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman. Luckily at that time Captain Kidd managed to escape and Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman ghost ship just disappeared. This story is still a world mystery to this day.

Apart from the story from Captain Kidd, there have also been several documented sightings of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship, including:

1823: Captain Oweb, HMS Leven said he had twice seen an empty ship bobbing in the middle of the sea from a distance, but in a blink of an eye the ship then disappeared.

1835: It is said that in that year, a British-flagged ship which was surrounded by a storm in the middle of the ocean, was visited by a foreign ship which was said to be the ghost ship The Flying Dutchman, then suddenly the foreign ship approached and seemed to want to crash into the ship. them, but strangely before the two collided with each other the foreign ship then disappeared instantly.

1881: Three crew members aboard HMS Bacchante including King George V had sighted an unmanned vessel sailing against their current. The next day, one of them was found dead in a horrible state.

1879: The crew of the SS Pretoria also claimed to have seen the ghost ship.

1939: This ship was seen in Mulkzenberg, some people who witnessed it were shocked because the old ship suddenly disappeared.

1941: Several eyewitnesses on the coast of Glencairn reported an old ship that hit a rock and broke apart, but after an investigation at the crime scene, there were no signs of the wreck.

1942: Sightings of The Flying Dutchman were again seen by the crew of the military ship M.H.S Jubilee near Cape Town in August 1942.

1959: The crew of the Straat Magellan returned to report seeing a mysterious ship bobbing in the middle of the ocean empty with its telescope.

There is also a myth that says that if a modern ship sees this ghost ship and the modern ship's crew gives a signal, the modern ship will be doomed. For sailors, meeting the ghost ship Flying Dutchman is a bad omen. It is said that there is a way to avoid encountering the ghost ship, namely by placing horseshoes on the masts of their ship's sails as protection.

Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman ghost ship until now is just a legend and maybe until whenever will only be a legend. Although many people have claimed to have seen it, it's not necessarily the Flying Dutchman.